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A professional Vitamins Manufacturing Company Introduction

Pesicon is a vitamin supplement manufacturer located in eastern China. It is a contract manufacturer with many years of production experience. It has been committed to the reform and innovation of the production process of vitamins and amino acids. The business produces a variety of health foods, and the product quality and safety are generally recognized by customers. No matter where you are from, no matter the size of your company, we will provide you with the best turnkey packaging and fulfillment services.

We are a custom manufacturer of vitamin tablets. We can provide OEM of chewable tablets for children with a variety of fruit flavors and OEM production of effervescent tablets for adults. We are a source factory with SC and export food production qualifications. We specialize in R&D and production of vitamin supplement tablets, and can provide one-stop service of formula and packaging materials.


As a top vitamin supplement manufacturer in China, Pesicon can customize formulas provided by vitamin supplement companies, which is very common in our hundreds of cooperation cases, which gives us enough confidence to create more in line with market demand Vitamin supplements. According to our many years of experience, the combination of vitamins and minerals is more popular. This is also the good feedback in the market in recent years. We will also recommend this when formulating vitamin supplements for you. Of course, if If you have a better idea, we are also happy to sit down with you and discuss how to realize it. I believe you are very familiar with this market.

Who does Pesicon Holdings partner with to produce vitamins? ​

We work with health-focused entrepreneurs around the world to meet unique vitamin production requirements. Our dedicated and passionate team provides industry-certified, FDA-cleared manufacturing and packaging solutions to a variety of organizations, most commonly in the health and beauty, fitness or herbal medicine industries. ​

Some of the products we work with include:

*Children’s multivitamin chewable tablets

*Vitamin C chewable tablets for children

*Children’s calcium + vitamin D chewable tablets

*Children’s probiotic chewable tablets

*Multivitamin tablets for men

*Female multivitamin tablets

*Vitamin C chewable tablets

*Glucosamine tablets

*Immunity echinacea tablets

*Zinc magnesium flakes

*Fish oil capsules

*Vitamin D tablets


*Calcium vitamin D3 supplement

*Iron + Vitamin C supplement

*Liver detox supplement

*Glucosamine + Chondroitin Supplement

*Probiotic powder/capsules

Why should I choose Pesicon vitamin manufacturer?

Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or new to the world of complementary medicine, it is crucial to work with a manufacturing company you can trust. ​

At Pesicon, we provide the most reliable, efficient, and transparent vitamin manufacturing solutions, providing assurance every step of the way while effectively handling stringent FDA requirements and logistical challenges to ensure you get end results you can be proud of. Our focus on sustainability and flexibility means we can provide solutions that are economical and perfectly suited to your circumstances. We provide detailed and meticulous vitamin production methods, providing transparency and assurance every step of the way.

Pesicon offers a full service range of product development, manufacturing, packaging and labelling, or we can provide independent vitamin manufacturing. The choice is yours, no matter what you're after, we can provide the best support. Pesicon is FDA-cleared and compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations, making it the first choice of supplement manufacturers. If you would like to arrange packaging or manufacturing services for your vitamins or receive product samples, please contact our team. We have a dedicated and passionate team that prides itself on developing perfect solutions for our clients.

vitamins manufacturer

We are the source manufacturer of multivitamin tablet processing, focusing on OEM of children's chewable tablets, OEM of adult effervescent tablets and other tablet processing projects. We have the source raw materials, packaging materials and R&D and design advantages, and can provide one-stop qualifications Brand custom processing services.

MOQ: 5,000 bottles/10,000 bags/300,000 tablets

Delivery Formats: Powder, Tablet, Gummies, Capsules

Types of vitamins produced by Baishikang China: improving immunity, pregnancy preparation, cognitive products, sports nutrition supplements

Other services that can be provided: one-on-one expert service; packaging and label design; testing and certification


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