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A professional Protein Manufacturing Company Introduction

Protein powder processed products are deeply loved by consumers in the market and consumed by a wide range of people, providing obvious advantages for consumer groups lacking protein. In today's society, the most healthy people are gradually increasing, and fitness enthusiasts are a group of users who are more familiar with this kind of products. As a powerful protein powder processing factory in China, we provide reasonable protein powder manufacturing and customized production solutions for the general market merchants, and continue to supply high-quality and reasonable-priced high-quality powder OEM products for the food market.

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We are a protein powder manufacturer that supports customization and free sample delivery. We are located in the plain area of Shandong Province, where the climate is drier than the southern area. It is suitable for the production of compressed candy OEM, solid beverage processing and other series of foods. The consumption of protein powder is simple and trouble-free. In this busy society, it is undoubtedly a good product for office workers or special groups. Just follow the dosage on the product packaging, brew with warm water and stir well before drinking. It is nutritious and tastes good. If you want to make a good brand, first of all, your own products need to be excellent, so you need to cooperate with a strong solid beverage processing enterprise to provide long-term stable supply services.

What are the costs that affect protein manufacturing?

1.Pricing matters!

As an experienced protein powder manufacturer who has successfully worked with more than 2,000 dietary supplement brand owners, we can make sound recommendations based on your local market conditions.

2.High-quality resources

As an experienced protein manufacturer in China, we work with a network of certified suppliers to source the highest quality raw materials and plant-based protein ingredients to ensure products are potent.

3.Ideal ingredient for protein manufacture

We only use those ingredients that add real value to your protein supplement, avoiding excessive colouring, artificial sweeteners or unnatural thickeners.

4.packaging and shipping

We have a mature design team on the packaging to ensure that your packaging is attractive enough; we will have enough cost to transport protein supplements to your hands, so don’t be stingy about the minimum order quantity when ordering our products.


What to pay attention to when looking for a high-quality protein powder manufacturer

First, production qualification. Qualification is extremely important in the current society, and it is also the first prerequisite for customers to cooperate with protein powder processing factories. In particular, the supplement manufacturer should pay more attention to the completeness and authenticity of qualifications, and be responsible for market consumers. Solid beverage OEM manufacturers need to have corresponding food processing and production qualifications, and the two major certifications of SC certification and GMP to ensure that the manufacturer's food production process is professional and the production environment is up to standard. Customers who make health food need manufacturers to have supplement manufacturing and production qualifications, and overseas customers need manufacturers to have food export trade licenses and other qualifications for processing. In addition, other certificates and awards of solid beverage OEMs are also extra points for strength.

Second, the production scale. The production scale of protein powder processing manufacturers determines the customer base and the requirement to complete customer orders within the agreed time. Many small food processing factories have outdated production equipment and low output. Medium and large orders cannot be completed in a short period of time, let alone urgent orders from major food trading companies. Therefore, solid beverage OEM manufacturers need to have a complete food processing line and support the simultaneous production and processing of a variety of different dosage forms. The output must reach 5 million pieces of tablet OEM food per day, and 100,000 bags of powder bagged food per day to meet the order needs of market merchants. In order to complete the guarantee of newspapers, not to complete in a state of tension.

Third, product quality is one of the factors that determine the reputation of market merchants. The quality of the product poses a great challenge to the integrity of the production and processing technology and quality supervision system of protein powder processing manufacturers. The mature production process improves the quality and quality of food, the quality inspection team, complete quality inspection equipment, and mature solutions also provide quality assurance for customers.

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