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Pesicon Holdings Co., Ltd. is the best manufacturer of Effervescent Granules, Effervescent Tablets Manufacturer in China, with 10 years of effervescent tablet customizing and processing experience. The company owns the most advanced effervescent tablet production process, and has many herbal effervescent tablet formulas. The ingredients can include the followings: Vitamin, zinc , acetylcysteine, collagen , glutathione, adalah, alendronate, bicarbonate, etc.

We can provide one-stop turnkey nutritional supplement effervescent tablet manufacturing services for private label suppliers, with reasonable price and diverse packaging methods. 

In addition to produce effervescent tablets which supplement vitamins, minerals, and amino acid , the company can customize in bulk the effervescent tablets with white labels, which features in detoxification and slimming, expelling phlegm and arresting coughing, and energy supplement.

effervescent tablets

When the company regards effervescent tablets as its own product, it will reach an agreement with the effervescent tablet manufacturer. 

You must determine what kind of effervescent tablet you want according to your product needs. 

1. Select a powerful tablet OEM manufacturer with GMP certification workshop and SC food production enterprise certification;

2. The product packaging materials should be special packaging materials produced by effervescent tablet OEM, including desiccant must also be special type;

3. When conducting product samples in the effervescent tablet OEM factory, it is necessary to clearly state the effervescent time of the product, the color of the solution, and the content of active ingredients contained in the product;

How about the production price of effervescent tablet manufacturers?

1. The ingredients that make up effervescent tablets mainly include active ingredients, disintegrants and other commonly used excipients for tablets. Each raw material needs to be purchased quantitatively. If these raw materials are purchased by the factory, the customer needs to pay for this part of the cost. Piece confectionary factory. The cost of packaging materials is basically the same as that of raw materials. 

Expenses for the processing and production of effervescent tablets. This part of the cost OEM factory needs to carry out comprehensive accounting according to the specific production process difficulty of the product, various labor, water and electricity energy consumption, etc. 

Effervescent tablet OEM charges are usually completed in two parts: when signing the contract, the customer needs to pay a certain percentage of processing fees so that the factory can start related supporting projects; after the effervescent tablet OEM production is accepted, the customer needs to pay the remaining balance , so that the manufacturer can send the goods to logistics. 

Various tablet OEMs for health care supplements for you to choose from 

Chinese herbal medicine

chewable tablets

buccal tablets;


Shaped film

coated tablets; 

Health care Effervescent Tablet Supplements Manufacturer 

1. Ask for samples or provide formula and specific process for proofing; 

2. Confirm the processing price, samples and specific forms of cooperation, and sign an OEM contract; 

3. Complete part of the fee payment and start the preparation of materials for OEM production; 

4. After the materials are complete, enter the GMP workshop for mass production, and keep the information unblocked in real time during the period; 

5. When the production ends, the final payment will be calculated based on the actual production quantity and the factory's advance payment; 

6. The customer settles the payment and waits for the goods to be accepted.

effervescent tablets package 

Effervescent tablet OEM project introduction 

1. The general tablet weight of effervescent tablets will be controlled at 0.8g/tablet-4g/tablet, and the amount of effervescent disintegrants can be ensured under the premise of fully considering the proportion of active ingredients. 

2. Special packaging materials usually use effervescent tablet professional long barrel-shaped packaging bottles, which not only have a good seal, but also can effectively avoid collisions between large tablets. 

3. The OEM processing of effervescent tablets requires strict control of air humidity, so the factory’s environmental control is much higher than other types of tablet candy OEM production, and the exposure time of various semi-finished products in the workshop must also be controlled within a reasonable amount within range. Therefore, the customer's packaging materials must be completed in the factory before formal production can begin. 

4. Since the beginning of 2020, the factory's more popular OEM projects: Vitamin C effervescent tablet processing, VC effervescent tablet production, multi-dimensional compound effervescent tablet customization, and other types of mineral effervescent tablet entrusted production, etc.

Customized requirements for your reference

Specification: 0.3g-5g

MOQ: 10,000 tubes

Disintegration time: less than 1 minute

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