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We are one-stop supplement manufacturer for everything you need

We are manufacturer of dietary supplements for wholesalers with everything they need for dietary, food, health, herbal and nutritional applications. FDA approval.

The main products are herbal supplements, vitamins, proteins, sports nutrition, healthy ageing products, etc., manufacturing dosage forms include tablets, powders, tea bags, effervescent tablets, capsules. Packaging: bottle, can, aluminum foil bag, carton, etc.

All Supplements Manufactured In FDA Registered GMP Compliant Facilities

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  • Supplements certification
  • Supplements certification
  • Supplements certification
  • Supplements certification

Why Pesicon for Supplement Manufacturing?

As a leading supplement manufacturer, we can help you develop and produce nutritional or dietary supplements to sell to your consumers. Each product follows prescribed procedures, including thorough inspection and testing methods, to ensure that each product meets or exceeds predetermined quality standards.

The Pesicon Difference

From the moment you contact us, we are committed to your long-term success. We ensure that your product formulations are competitive in the market, that your goods are safely stored and delivered quickly, and that orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. It is our responsibility to do everything possible to help you sell the best custom supplements on the market.

We are a trusted manufacturer of private label supplements

We have private label experience and dedicated resources to provide expert assistance with your business, offering everything from sports nutrition to natural supplements to pet supplements. Our team understands the unique challenges associated with private label dietary supplements, and we ensure a smooth process from inception to delivery.

Whether you're starting out, growing, or a Fortune 500 company, if you're interested in premium private label supplements, we can help. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us

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  • SC Certification: Professional SC qualification certification enterprise, source manufacturer

  • Powerful: 12,000㎡ workshop GMP 100,000-level purification workshop

  • Strict quality inspection: More than a dozen safety testing procedures to ensure that the product is qualified

  • Raw material control: Strict raw material selection to ensure the quality of the original head

  • Complete dosage form: Favorable prices and complete dosage forms to meet diverse needs

  • OEM whole process: Product research and development Packaging design Handling orders

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