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I am so pleased to have you visit our page. As you know, the quality of supplements is uneven at present, and the impression of more and more consumers for supplements is on the decrease. PESICON, as a manufacturer of supplements products labeling, processing and customization, has the responsibility and obligation to build a bridge between sales enterprises and consumers.

To manufacture high-quality products, and supply first-class after-sale service, we have gained excellent results, and gained more trust from our customers. That is why more and more enterprises choose us.

We are a manufacturer focusing on the processing and labeling of dietary supplements and herbal tea, not only a mere OEM manufacturer. We have 12 years experience in the OEM business of supplements products, and we have many mature product processing technologies and solutions for you to choose.

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1. Hardware strength
Our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and owns more than 80 sets of laboratory equipment. With 2000 square meters of 100,000 grade GMP purification workshop, PESICON has passed FDA, HACCP, ISO 22000 system certification. Our company has a production capacity of 5 million capsules per day and 100,000 bags per day. It is a professional customized contract manufacturer of food and beverage supplements.

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2. Scientific research strength
We continue to carry out scientific research, data statistical analysis for nutrition and chronic disease, along with the cutting-edge scientific research forces, such as Beijing Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shandong University of Chinese Medicine and other authoritative institutions for the treatment and prevention of geriatric diseases, universities of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine research institutions.

What efforts have we made

PESICON implements the strategy of "substituting food for medicine" to develop the foundation. Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, PESICON aimed to build a comprehensive dietary nutritional supplement system, applying modern scientific and technological measures comprehensively, relying on scientific nutrition concept and utilizing the most advanced food processing technology .

Based on advanced detection technology, inspection and evaluation method, big data intelligent analysis technology, as well as case studies, PESICON has achieved a number of medical research achievements by taking the strategy of "substituting food for medicine" :

◎ Research and development of functional products. Now we have launched several series, such as Gusanyuan, Gudaosangye, rongyijinxian, etc;

◎ Mulberry leaf product series, trying to solve hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia control problems in blood vessels in human body.

◎ Thrombolysis anticoagulation natto kinase lumbricus protein products and gastrointestinal conditioning products series, trying to prevent senile disease ;

◎ To explore the secrets of the ion micro world, we apply small molecular techniques to help body flora achieve its balance, that is to apply the peptide products on the cell surface for its quick absorption;

◎ Research and development of vitality products. A new anti-aging product is now in the stage of trial data collection;

◎ Development of the treasure of the Chinese herbal medicine, to reveal the life code of old mulberry trees with 2600 years of world agricultural cultural heritage ;

◎ Promote the research of nutrition products to improve your brain function, such as to improve sleep, to protect your eyesight, to manage your emotion, to improve your memory and so on.

In the future, PESICON's long-term goal of substituting food for medicine, is the Integrated intervention approach to protecting human health from the secondary harm of drugs and fighting diseases with human immunity, which is the fundamental starting point of product research and development, production and sales.

Serve the people

  • Quality-oriented, and integrity-based is the enterprise purpose of PESICON. Our products have always been based on clinical data to provide strong support for high-quality products to be put into the market.
    Honor the old as we do to our own aged parents, and feed the young as you do to your own children. No products which doesn’t meet the national standards will be produced, and no products which harms our body will be promoted. This is not only the bottom line that PESICON adheres to, but also the pet phrase for every employee of PESICON.
  • All for one, one for all

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Integrity is always the foundation of our cooperation. During the past 10 years, more and more enterprises have chosen to be our partners. Moreover, we have large production capacity to reach our cooperation. So do not hesitate to choose us as your partner. Choose us. Believe us. Fight with us!

From the moment you submit your initial enquiry you will be allocated a highly experienced account manager who will guide you through the process from product development, brainstorming concepts and finalising formulations, all the way through to creating your branding and label and then production of your final product.

Our team are on hand to share their knowledge regarding market trends, hero ingredients and best practise within the industry. We work closely with our Supply Chain to source the best ingredients, ensuring total transparency. We also have a dedicated packaging expert to support our clients with their sustainability objectives ensuring we can provide compostable, recyclable and alternative packaging methods.

We are always here at your service. Welcome to inquiry.

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