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Custom Hard Capsule Supplements Manufacturing in China_Pesicon Introduction

Hard capsules, as a health food formulation with a blue hat logo in the food processing field, are widely used in OEM manufacturing of health products such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The source enterprise can provide one-stop commissioned processing services through standardized hard capsule processing production process control and mature content preparation technology.

Professional hard capsule manufacturer | Advanced hard capsule manufacturing technology

Hard capsule manufacturing is a key supplement production and processing project launched by Pesicon Holdings. This project applies advanced high-tech manufacturing technology, introduces a batch of advanced manufacturing machines, and can produce up to 5 million hard capsules per day. At the same time, a 10,000 square meters GMP high-quality sterile factory building has been added, and its equipment and manufacturing level have reached the leading level in China.

Introduction to the production process of hard capsule manufacturing

1.Raw Material Preparation: Capsule shells and raw material powders used for making hard capsule products need strict screening and inspection to ensure their quality meets requirements.

2.Material Preparation: Raw materials intended as capsule ingredients are mixed and prepared according to product requirements, processed into powders, granules, small pellets, or other solid dispersions.

3.Capsule Filling: Filling the capsules is a key step in hard capsule production. Powder or granular contents need to be filled into the capsule bodies in specific proportions and methods to ensure uniformity of material in each capsule.

4.Capsule Sealing: Capsule sealing is the final step in hard capsule production. The filled capsule bodies and capsule shells are joined, and under specific pressure and temperature, they are tightly bonded to form complete hard capsules.

5.Packaging and Quality Inspection: After the production of hard capsules, it should be packed and inspected. Packaging involves methods like blister packs or plastic bottles. Quality inspection includes aspects like visual checks, drug ingredients determination, dissolution testing, etc., ensuring the quality of hard capsules meets standards.

Content preparation technology in the manufacturing process of hard capsules

1.Mixing content materials with appropriate additives like diluents, flow aids, disintegrants, etc., to produce uniform powders, granules, or small pieces.

2.Filling regular pills, quick-release pills, sustained-release pills, controlled-release pills, or enteric-coated pills individually or in a mixed form, adding appropriate blank pills if necessary for filling.

3.Direct filling of powder-type content materials.

4.Creating materials as complexes, solid dispersions, microcapsules, or microspheres.

5.Filling solutions, suspensions, emulsions, etc., in hollow capsules using specialized filling machines, sealing if necessary.

Key Equipment in the Hard Capsule Production Process

Mixing Equipment: Three-dimensional mixing of raw materials to achieve uniform and consistent component content per unit weight.

Hard Capsule Filling Equipment: Filling prepared materials into capsule shells involves processes like supply, arrangement, direction calibration, separation, filling, closure, and ejection.


The production of hard capsules belongs to supplement manufacturing and processing category. Previous steps need to be completed within GMP workshops. Companies engaged in production must possess the necessary process, equipment, quality control, storage capacity. Make sure top do the factory evaluation when cooperate with OEM factories for commissioned processing.

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