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How much of the processing cost for each hard capsule manufacturing?

Author:pesicon  Release time:2023-12-28 12:11:31

Hard Capsule manufacturing is a one-stop commissioned processing service provided by professional health food manufacturers to the health food industry. The processing factory provides a quotation to the client for each order that meets the minimum order quantity requirement, and calculates the project cost based on the established processing price. Therefore, the cost of OEM contract processing for hard capsules per pill has become a topic of continuous concern for investors seeking processing cooperation.


How much of the processing cost for each hard capsule manufacturing? 

0.03 RMB/capsule. This processing price requires meeting certain conditions set by the factory. Firstly, your customized quantity needs to be equal to or greater than 1 million capsules, meeting the factory's minimum order quantity requirement. secondly, this cost does not include any material costs, such as empty capsule shells, fillers, etc. This processing price only covers the capsule filling process cost. To put it in perspective, if you aim to meet the order requirements of the health food processing manufacturer, the cost for filling in a single batch needs to reach 30,000 RMB.

How do supplement manufacturing and processing factories charge for capsule processing?

The pure processing cost for a single capsule is 0.03 RMB, but the overall project charges need to be calculated based on the specific orders for hard capsule processing and the collaboration mode. The charges at health food OEM processing factories primarily consist of three aspects:

1.Processing fees: Calculated based on the customized quantity of the product and the specific technique used.
2.Material costs: The cost of materials provided by the factory, which is accounted for and specified in the quotation details.
3.Other costs: These include logistics costs advanced by the factory, product turnover box expenses, and various other relatively miscellaneous cost items.

The OEM production process for hard capsules involves several steps:

Capsule Shell Preparation: Hollow capsules come in two types - gelatin capsules, offering high bioavailability and rapid, reliable dissolution; and vegetable capsules, made from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides, ensuring good stability.

Filling Material Preparation: Hard capsule fillers typically consist mainly of solid materials. For complex products, precise proportioning, thorough mixing, and scientific addition of excipients are necessary to attain the required flowability and particle size for production.

Capsule Shell Filling: After filling the hollow capsules, the two shells are merged to form a complete capsule. Various tests are conducted on the filled capsules to ensure quality and compliance.

Inner and outside packing: After the filling of hard capsules is completed, according to the product customization requirements, the inner packing of bottling, bagging, or blister pressing plate, as well as the outside packing process of boxing, labeling, coding, and sealing, are carried out.

The pure processing cost for hard capsule OEM production at 0.03 RMB per capsule requires meeting a minimum order quantity of 1 million capsules per item from the factory. The quotation for the entire project by dietary supplement manufacturers also involves a detailed calculation considering specific order requirements, including raw material and packaging supply, production processes, and the choice of capsule shell materials.
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