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Custom Supplement Powder Manufacturers In China_Shandong Pesicon Holdings Co., Ltd. Introduction

Are you still worrying about finding a customizable powder manufacturer that meets your requirements, do you need a powder manufacturer to create one or more types of powder supplements for you?

We are such powder custom manufacturer. Our company has a relatively well-known production and processing base in China, and we always firmly believe that we have a strong strength to impress you. Because all your powder manufacturing needs, R&D, testing, packaging and other matters can be entrusted to us.We are a one-stop turnkey powder contract manufacturer.


Supplement Powder Manufacturing Services

We can provide many different types of powder manufacturing, service and combination.

Below are some examples of popular powder manufacturing types.

Top Powder Supplement Manufacturing Categories

protein powder

soy protein powder

pea protein powder

Peanut Protein Powder

Pre and Post Workout Powder

post workout powder

Sports Nutrition Supplements

Collagen (bovine and marine)

vitamin powder

there are more...

Private Label Powder Manufacturing Services

research and development


flavoring agent



to stir

super backpack


There are many other types of supplements and combinations that can be created. If you have questions about formulations or combined ingredients, you can also turn to us, and we also provide contract manufacturing for you.

Powder Supplement Ingredients and Flavors

The type of powder supplement manufacturer you want to work with will guide your selection of active ingredients. However, there are some additional ingredients that may be necessary. These are some points to consider.



Sweeteners play an important role in powder supplements. You can also choose not to use sweeteners of any kind. These are a selection of sweeteners that we offer.

natural sweetener

artificial sweetener

compound sweetener

The right choice depends on your marketing preferences or the preferences of your target market. For example, if you think an all-natural supplement would be more appealing to your target market, you can opt for natural sweeteners.


The color makes the pressed powder look more attractive. In many cases, the appearance of their natural forms is bland. You can choose a color to coordinate with the taste. The choice is entirely up to you if you want to tint or not. These are the types of colors we offer.

natural color

artificial color

combination color

These are some examples of popular active ingredients.

whey protein

plant protein



Vitamin and Mineral Blend

green leaf powder

There are also powdered herbs and other nutrients that can be added to multi-ingredient supplements. For example, you may want to make a powder that you mix with water or milk as a meal replacement for older adults. You can add vitamins of your choice that support vision and joint health. As your dedicated powder manufacturer, we can help you choose ingredients based on your needs and preferences.

Powder Supplement Manufacturing Process

As your dedicated powder supplement manufacturer, we do our best to make this process easier. Our teams and facilities can handle complex and large-scale projects. Proceed as follows.

The first step: you design your powder, choose the packaging

Our extensive supply chain enables you to get almost all types of packaging. We can help you find new and unique container designs. If you want to box your containers too, we can handle both tasks. You can also choose the label design you want. Once you've decided on the packaging you want, we'll validate your options and start manufacturing it for you.

Step 2: We make the powder for you

In this process, these steps are taken.


to stir


container filling


We have quality evaluation standards at every step to ensure the potency of active ingredients is protected and free from contamination. We provide specific certification standards that you may require such as TGA, organic certification or some other certifications. We can provide you with an estimated completion time based on your individual needs.

Step 3: We ship your powder

Once your order is complete and has passed our rigorous testing process, we will ship it to you. Our business team will contact you in time at this time and provide you with logistics information. Rest assured knowing that when deciding how to ship, we guarantee the exact ingredients in your shipment to maintain the integrity of the substance.

Benefits of Selling Powder Supplements

If you're considering powder versus another form of delivery, these are some of the main reasons why companies choose powder.

The powder is easily absorbed and the powder is easy to take.

Powder supplements may have higher doses than tablets or capsules.

Design a good-tasting powder for your buyers to enjoy.

The powder makes it easy for your clients to take part doses if they prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Label Powder Manufacturing

Are the ingredients of good quality and are they sourced responsibly?

Are testing procedures adequate?

Are dose measurements accurate?

The suppliers of raw materials and packaging supplies used by our company have been strictly screened by us, and the safety, hygiene and quality will meet your requirements. Our unwavering commitment to quality is also why we offer several well-respected production certifications. We have our own stringent testing procedures, and our facilities can use the GMP standards of the certification bodies we work with. During testing, we ensure that the distribution of ingredients is thorough and the dosage information is correct. As a trusted powder supplement manufacturer in China, you can rely on us to provide safe, high quality and precisely dosed powder supplements.

supplements powder test

Why choose us for powder manufacturing?

We can manufacture a wide variety of powder blends for any set of needs. These are some of the benefits when your company works with a dedicated powder manufacturer.

We handle complex research, development, flavor and formulation requirements.

Our packaging and delivery form selections cover 95% of our available products.

Our customer service policy and support team are excellent.

You have your own account manager dedicated to your needs.

The company has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes. Please contact us to learn more about our powder manufacturing services.

As a well-known manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine products in China, Pesicon Holdings is especially good at manufacturing herbal powders. At the same time, it has the design ability to customize mass production of its own brand supplements of protein, probiotics, vitamins and creatine monohydrate powder, and the manufacture of multinational white label supplements. With its advanced production technology, it has been approved by FDA. Pesicon can provide one-stop label design, label printing, product manufacturing services in an all-round way. The products can be packaged in bottles, barrels and other containers, or in bulk package. Until now, Pesicon is the best manufacturer for powder supplements.

The powder granules produced by Pesicon can be directly used for pressing tablets, filling capsules, or used as pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

If you are troubled by not being able to find a manufacturer of health care products of your own brand, please contact us.

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