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Private Label Supplements Manufacturer_Shandong Pesicon Holdings Co., Ltd. Introduction

If you are a company interested in selling supplements with your own brand, Pesicon can provide you with one-stop contract manufacturing services for nutritional dietary supplements with its own expertise and production capabilities. We are manufacturer for a variety of dosage forms, such as tablets, powders, tea bags, Chinese herbal medicines, capsules, gummies,etc., and own customized processing capabilities for a series of products, including Chinese herbal medicines, proteins, vitamins, and various minerals. The factory provides ultra-low MOQ, and can achieve fast delivery!

Pesicon is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements in China, with 12 years of industry experience and mature technology. It can provide excellent formula deployment, dosage form design, packaging design and processing, and standardized GMP workshop production and manufacturing services.

What are our main manufacturing modes?

1. Private label supplement manufacturing.

2. Customized formulation of personalized supplements.

3. White Label Supplement Contract Manufacturing.


[One-stop private label customization service]

1. Development concept

We can develop a winning concept for your health products. Careful planning and development supported by market research is the key to success in the nutraceutical industry.


As recognized formulation experts, we can help you develop successful custom products with proven delivery methods, enhanced efficacy and optimal performance.

3. Manufacturing in compliance with GMP specifications

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the leading technology and equipment required for today's leading dietary supplement products.

4. Packaging and bottling

Pesicon Holdings provides a variety of packaging solutions, including packaging design, prototyping, production and assembly.

White Label Supplement Contract Manufacturing.

Our Private Label Supplement Manufacturing Advantages

1. We provide ultra-low MOQ, but we can meet the production capacity of 100,000 bags/day and 5 million pieces/day for powder and tablets.

2. We provide customized services for various formulations and dosage forms, and can quickly complete sample preparation, and can provide a variety of package with different styles and materials.

3. There are rich and sufficient inventory formulas for us to choose, so as to assist in the rapid creation of your own supplements.

4. We provide dedicated tracking personnel and conduct one-on-one business communication, so that you can understand the progress of the project in real time, and effectively control the manufacturing progress and delivery date.

Pesicon is your preferred private label supplements manufacturer. We provide you with one-stop customized processing services for nutritional tablets, powders, tea bags and other supplement dosage forms. Contact us today, explain your private label customization requirements, and get a free quote!


Customization process for your private label supplements:

Step 1: Discuss formula and raw material supply plan

Step 2: The factory provides a quotation for its own brand customized products

Step 3: Submit your purchase order

Step 4: The factory purchases raw materials and tests them

Step 5: Prepare the sample, confirm the sample and give feedback

Step 6: Sign private label supplements manufacturing contract.

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Private Label manufacturer includes all the features you planned

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