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What are the advantages of Pesicon private label custom manufacturing

Author:pesicon  Release time:2023-06-28 15:53:34

There are two different product solutions for private label custom manufacturing. One is to use the factory's design and development advantages to carry out personalized and exclusive product customization; the other is to choose the ready-made resources of OEM manufacturers for OEM cooperation. 


Although in the two schemes, private label manufacturers have different degrees of involvement in the core process of the product. However, professional supplement manufacturers will use their own superior productivity to bring superior competitiveness to investors and the products themselves.

What are the advantages of private labeling for supplement manufacturers?

1. Dosage form design: The processing plant has production lines for various health food dosage forms such as tablets (including effervescent tablets), powders, granules, tea bags, and water pills. It can provide flexible and rich product directions for private label products.

2. Recipe blending: Targeted taste blending for product audiences can not only make its selling points stand out, but also increase the product's good eating experience. The factory's GMP supporting laboratory can provide 3-7 days of rapid proofing experiments.

3. Label design: A professional health food label design team can provide exclusive label designs that meet brand positioning, prominent selling points, and meet relevant requirements.

4. Packaging supply: Supplement manufacturers will provide one-stop services for aluminum foil bags, packaging bottles, packaging boxes, coils and other packaging materials required for the production of various products such as tablets, powders, and tea bags. Under the premise of ensuring a reasonable minimum order quantity, the construction period is stable and the quality passes the test.

5. Raw material control: The foundry integrates the raw material supplier resources at the source, and can control the product quality from the source.


6. Product reserve: The processing factory has 10 years of experience in manufacturing dietary supplements, reserves a wealth of private label product formulas and finished products, and can provide one-stop product solutions for investors with different product needs.

7. Construction period guarantee: The factory adopts the standardized production process of the GMP purification workshop. After all the raw materials required for production are complete, the production task can be completed within 12-14 weeks of the order and the goods will be delivered.

8. Quality assurance: The company has ISO22000 quality system certification. The company's quality inspection department will conduct quality control throughout the entire production process, and strictly test and inspect raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products.

9. Cost advantage: The company provides targeted cooperation solutions for different product customization models. And combined with the production process and packaging solutions of different dosage forms such as tablets, powders, granules, tea bags, water pills, etc., we provide competitive quotations.

Find a professional dietary supplement manufacturer and obtain products through contract manufacturing, custom processing, and private label manufacturing. 


The advantages of technology research and development guarantee the quality of products, and most of the energy and time can be devoted to the operation of the product market. This is the core advantage that the private label manufacturing model gives to health food projects.

China's professional supplement manufacturer-Pesicon, focusing on customized production of tablets, powders, granules, water pills, tea bags, etc., with rich resources of mature formulas and finished products, providing labeling and packaging design services, is a traditional Chinese medicine, probiotics, Strength factory of vitamins and other products.

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