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PSC141 Private Label Momordica Peptide Powder

PSC141 Private Label Momordica Peptide Powder for Hypoglycemic



MOQ:5,000 boxes


Size:Based on actual

Color:Based on actual

Type: Powder

Main Ingredient:Bitter melon extract, kudzu root extract (can be added), chromium picolinate (can be added), magnesium stearate (can be added)

Main Function:Hypoglycemic

Package Design:It can be customized

For the crowd:|Women| Men| olderman|

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Bitter melon peptide processing | Bitter melon peptide OEM customization | Professional customization source manufacturer

【Product name】Bitter melon peptide

【Product type】Solid beverage

[Ingredients List] High-quality bitter melon peptide powder (customized product), other ingredients can be added

[Recommended consumption method] Take a small bag and pour it into a cup, add 200 ml of drinking water at about 65°C, stir evenly, and it is ready to eat.

[Unsuitable groups] Infants and young children, pregnant women

[Specifications] 5g/bag x 10 bags/box (can be customized)

【Production Standard】GB/T29602-2013

[Storage conditions] Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place

[Shelf life] 24 months


Private label customization plan:

1. Use your own brand, and we will contract labor and materials to produce it for you;

2. Process and customize according to the samples you provide;

3. The company provides raw materials and we OEM for you;

4. The company can provide packaging materials and we will produce them for you;

5. You can use our company's brand LOGO as your own product for sale.

Is Bitter Melon Peptide for lowering blood sugar a scam?

The bitter melon peptide powder produced by our company is a legal and formal product approved by the state, so it is not a scam, but a qualified and legal product, which is a kind of health food. Of course, some platforms or manufacturers may allow people to replace the effects of drugs during their promotions, but people must be clear about the essential differences between drugs and food. No food can replace the efficacy and role of drugs. Some people have bought counterfeit bitter melon peptides, so they may not have personal experience with the real product, and may even think that it does not have the effect of lowering blood sugar, so they think it is a fake product. This is A scam. In order to avoid these problems, you should try your best to buy from regular merchants. You can check the authenticity with the State Food Supervision Bureau with the approval number and other information.

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