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PSC143 Private Label Soy Lecithin Tablets Customization

PSC143 Customized Private Label Soy Lecithin Tablets



MOQ:5,000 bottels


Size:Based on actual

Color:Based on actual

Type: Tablets

Main Ingredient:soy lecithin

Main Function:help to lower blood sugar

Package Design:It can be customized

For the crowd:|Teenagers| Women| Men| olderman|

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Benefits of Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin is an essential substance extracted from soybeans. Soy lecithin is a basic substance of life. It is not only an important part of the human body's biofilm, but also a source of choline and fatty acids. It plays a key role in maintaining the physiological activity of the biofilm and the normal metabolism of the body. It is known as the "blood vessel" Scavenger”. It has the effects of enhancing vitality and assisting blood lipids.

Our company selects high-quality soybeans and uses advanced extraction technology to produce soybean lecithin with high purity and good quality, which is easier to be absorbed and utilized by the human body. It is a trusted choice for consumers.

Advantages of Private Label Soy Lecithin

1.High quality

2. Low price

3. Low minimum order quantity

4. Mature customizable formula

The factory can design formulas/mix relevant ingredients according to the customer's market positioning, or the customer can have its own formula and samples.

5. Mixing with other supplements

6. Specifications, packaging, flavors, dosage forms, etc. can be customized

A variety of specifications are available, and can be customized and processed as required;

Specifications: 0.15g-4g can be processed

7. Accurate product guidance plan

8.Free samples

9. Perfect after-sales service

10.Shorter production cycle

Our commitment:

1. Put into production with sufficient materials:

Fully comply with the standards stipulated in the contract and put into production in sufficient quantities and with real materials to ensure that the products are genuine.

2. Intimate service:

Customer-related batch application materials, production approval documents, labels, trademarks, product names, etc. shall be used strictly within the scope of customer authorization.

3. Information confidentiality:

Products (including substandard products), samples, process data, color plates/samples, raw materials, formulas, drawings, transaction prices and other information are kept strictly confidential.

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