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A professional Herbal Supplement Manufacturing Company Introduction

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Herbal Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

Pesicon Corporation is a reputable herbal dietary supplement manufacturer in Eastern China, Shandong is home to famous Chinese herbalists Bian Que (407 BC - 310 BC), Chunyu Yi (215 BC), Yangqing (251 BC) The hometown of Materia Medica has a long history of preventing and treating all kinds of diseases, and has a deep historical precipitation in natural organic herbal supplements and alternative medicines.


Our advantage:

There are more than 1000 recipes for you to choose

We have reached a strategic partnership with Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the top research institution of traditional Chinese medicine in China, and the Chinese medicine team of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the best Chinese medicine college in Shandong, to develop private label customization that conforms to the manufacturing process and drinking habits of modern herbal supplements products, and obtained a number of patents and papers.

As a professional herbal supplement manufacturer, we have rich experience and advanced and mature production processes in the manufacture of supplement products using herbs and herbal extracts. We can ensure that private label products meet the highest standards and provide one-stop services.

Dosage forms that can be customized: powders, tablets (including effervescent tablets), tea bags, capsules, gummies.

Packaging: bottles, tubes, aluminum foil bags, cartons, kraft bags, etc.

Advanced facilities: traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment, one-step granulation equipment, coating equipment, three-dimensional sealing equipment, etc.

High-quality services: senior designers, professionals familiar with international trade, excellent herbal supplement technicians

Production process: crushing, extraction, mixing, granulation, granulation, tabletting, coating, bottling/bagging/pressing, boxing/drumming, plastic sealing, boxing, testing.

Manufacturing of Herbal Supplements

People are increasingly turning to natural supplements, especially those derived from herbs. Herbal supplements are the most natural way to get nutrition. With over 10 years of extensive herbal manufacturing experience, we can assist in the production of any white label herbal product.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle Supplements Manufacturer

Milk thistle Supplements  Supplier

Commonly used in Europe to treat liver problems and has been used for over 2,000 years

It is a potent antioxidant that protects liver cells from free radical damage. In addition, this herb promotes liver health by flushing out toxins, improves insulin resistance and cholesterol levels for overall health, and lowers blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Red ginseng Supplier

Red ginseng Supplements Manufacturer

Red ginseng is a Chinese herbal medicine that blindly invigorates deficiency, containing ginsenosides, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients

It has the functions of nourishing vitality, nourishing blood, beautifying and nourishing skin, etc.


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