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What preparations need to be made to find a tablet candy OEM manufacturer?

Author:pesicon  Release time:2024-03-29 17:15:59

Tablet candy is an ordinary health product and is not a functional health food. With the application of homologous raw materials for medicine and food, the types of products corresponding to its commissioned production projects are increasing. The OEM model has become the main way for investors with different formulas or brands to create their own products. So, what preparations are needed to find a manufacturer to process tableted candies?


Preparatory work for finding a manufacturer to process tableted candies:

1. Relevant qualifications: When looking for factory cooperation as a client, you need to provide a business license and operating license. These are necessary qualifications and need to be processed in advance. When you inquire about factory cooperation or ask for factory quotation details, the processing factory will ask you for relevant qualifications to prove that you meet the OEM conditions.

2. Product plan: Make a specific customized plan for the product, including tablet form, size, taste and flavor, proportion of main ingredients, packaging specifications, packaging style, etc. of the compressed candy, and also indicate your customized quantity. Let the OEM manufacturer know exactly what product you want to make. Because these parameters will directly affect the OEM factory's cost quotation calculation for your project.

3. Cooperation requirements: Before looking for factory processing cooperation, you need to comprehensively organize the resources in your hands. Then determine whether the raw materials, packaging design, packaging material processing and other work should be completed and supplied for production by yourself, or whether the tableted candy processing manufacturer should provide related supporting services. The determination of these contents allows the foundry to provide a more accurate OEM cooperation plan.

4. Cost budget: This is a necessary preparation. When looking for cooperation with manufacturers, you must consider the cost, and use lower costs and more cost-effective quotations to determine your own product plans and strive for the best results. Of course, this must be done before cooperating with the merchants. The processing has been completed. When the merchant's quotation meets your needs, you will discuss with the merchant what the next step will be.

After completing the preparations in the above three aspects, you can contact the factory for consultation and cooperation.


Things to note when processing tableted candy:

1. Brand is not necessary: Many customers who are looking for factories to manufacture their own products cannot distinguish between brand and product name, and it is easy to confuse these two aspects. Tablet candy must have a product name, but a brand is not required. If you do not have a ready-made trademark in hand, you can apply now and use the TM form. After the subsequent official registration, you can use the R mark.

2. Do not purchase raw materials in advance: Do not purchase raw materials by yourself without confirming with the OEM whether to process the materials or contract the materials from the manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, the foundry will require raw material suppliers to deliver directly to the factory and package individual products, along with relevant qualifications and batch inspection reports. Tablet candy OEM manufacturers will not accept incoming materials from third parties.

To find a factory to process tableted candies, apply for a business license and business license in advance. The processing factory will provide production qualifications. It is also necessary to prepare specific requirements for tablet food customization, OEM quantity, project service requirements and other cooperation demands, so that manufacturers can provide targeted health and nutrition OEM cooperation plans.

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