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Product solutions for processing herbal tonic products

Author:pesicon  Release time:2024-03-27 16:30:58

The OEM processing of herbal tonic products occupies a relatively stable market share in the large health supplement OEM project. As the number of ingredients in the homologous catalog of herbal tonic continues to expand, its industry prospects are promising. However, many investors who have their own formulas are not very clear about what products their formulas can be processed into, or what categories they can be made into. Below we give four more mainstream product solutions in the OEM processing industry.


Introduction to the four mainstream solutions for the processing of herbal tonic products:

1. Powder pressed into tablets: With or without the addition of excipients, the formulation is granulated by process, and then the formula raw materials are pressed into tablets with uniform specifications and shapes using stamping equipment. According to different ways of consumption, it can be divided into chewable tablets, buccal tablets, swallowable tablets or effervescent tablets. Its product attributes can cover two categories: tablet candies and solid beverages.

2. Process powder into granules: Dry granulation (also called fluidized bed granulation) and wet granulation (swing granulation) are two mainstream granule processing technologies. According to the characteristics of the raw materials used in the formula of medicinal and edible products, they can be processed into instant, non-dissolving, insoluble and effervescent granular products.

3. Powder made into pills: Medicinal and edible powders are directly processed into spherical particles with relatively uniform specifications and strong moisture resistance without adding excipients. Semi-finished products can be polished or coated to increase the gloss and smoothness of their appearance, thereby improving the overall beauty of the finished product.

4. Process the powder into tea bags: Crush the raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine with the same source of medicine and food into powder of thirty or forty mesh, or granulate the powder of higher mesh, and then fill it into four-corner tea bags. Its products are drunk in the same brewing method as tea and are classified as alternative teas according to product category.

Things to note when looking for a factory to process herbal tonic products:

1. The formula composition must be reviewed: OEM products for herbal tonic products are often products in the form of compound formulas. It is necessary to ensure that the formula ingredients comply with the catalog of medicinal and food homologous products. If you do not have the ability to audit, you can also ask the foundry for legal audit (this step does not involve composition ratio, and there is no formula safety issue). OEMs will not accept orders for customized formulas that do not meet ordinary food production requirements.

2. Do not purchase raw materials in advance: Different OEM companies have different requirements for the supply mode of raw materials, and not all major health food OEM manufacturers accept processing cooperation with supplied materials. Most factories will require raw material suppliers to directly contact the foundry for shipment, and have complete qualifications and test reports for the corresponding batches, and will not accept mixed incoming materials.

3. Qualifications required to prepare for OEM: OEM processing of homologous medicinal and food products is an ordinary food entrusted production project. The entrusting party needs to provide a business license and operating permit, and the brand is not required. 

Pressing powder into tablets, making pills, and processing into granules or tea bags are the four mainstream product solutions for the processing of herbal tonic products. Most of their product attributes belong to ordinary foods. Because of product flexibility and cooperation advantages, the corresponding OEM project's threshold for the client is more suitable for investors who are new to the health industry.

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