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Gummy processing production process from manufacturer

Author:pesicon  Release time:2024-03-26 17:48:37


Gummy supplement manufacturing is an emerging type of supplement production. Due to the excellent taste of gummy candies, freely changing shapes and various color options, it is becoming more and more popular among children and the elderly, and the gummy candy market is also growing rapidly.  more and more businesses have begun to enter the gummy candy industry, making gummy candy production and processing a popular supplement manufacturing.

So what is the production and processing process of gummy supplements? 

1. After the raw materials for gummy processing enter the factory, they are batched and mixed.

2. Use the steam jacketed kettle for facial blending and filtration, and increase the temperature to 120 degrees Celsius.

3. Place the mold before pouring, spray the compound coating agent and start pouring the candy solution, then cool and mold, and demould. At this point the fondant is ready to be formed.

4. Dry the fudge and keep the temperature at 45-55 degrees Celsius.

5. Dry the soft candies and package them internally and externally.

6. Test the gummy made

7. After inspection and packaging are completed, enter the warehouse and wait for shipment.

Precautions for the production process of sandwich gummy candies

1. During the gummy processing process, the temperature is relatively high, so it is recommended to use oil-soluble flavors.

2. When the gummies are being gelled, the temperature should not be too high and should be kept within 100 degrees Celsius to avoid affecting the taste and freezing properties of the gummies.

It is recommended that the brand owner should carefully consider when choosing a factory to cooperate with, and choose a soft candy processing manufacturer with professional processing technology that can guarantee the taste and quality.


Benefits of Choosing a Gummy Candy Manufacturer

1. Contribute to the integration of brand resources

The reason for choosing a gummy manufacturer for processing is that it can obtain organic integration of brand resources, which can disperse the pressure on brand products, focus on doing what you are good at, and satisfy the division of labor and cooperation. Maybe some brand companies do not have strong production capabilities. In order to ensure the quality of their products, they must choose some OEM processing plants to produce products in order to achieve integrated utilization of resources.

2. It can reduce the production risks of enterprises

Because the original corporate brand had a lot of work to do, the investment cost was relatively high, but the profit rate was very low, making it difficult to make easy profits. Therefore, in order to reduce the company's development risks and reduce costs, some OEM gummy processing companies were selected to help produce products. . Manufacturers that have specialized R&D products can improve the efficiency of product production and save effort and money. It can be said that companies focus their energy on the production and sales process and demonstrate their capabilities.

3. Improve the interests of the brand

Depending on the situation, brand owners entrust the production of products to third parties to lay a good foundation for their future development. They make good use of the technological innovation advantages of OEM processing and rationally find manufacturers that can meet production standards. In order not to affect subsequent product quality issues, OEM manufacturers must have sufficient advantages and complete supplies to help achieve brand benefits.

4. Find a more reliable manufacturer

In order to obtain the quality of the product, it is very important to choose a manufacturer that is guaranteed in all aspects. It can greatly shorten the production cycle of the product, meet the manufacturer's production formula requirements, and have strong qualifications to guarantee the quality of the product as much as possible. Only by finding a long-term quality assurance manufacturer can you get better benefits from cooperation. Nowadays, many consumers have requirements for product efficacy, and guaranteed manufacturers can quickly improve based on their research and product capabilities.

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