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Cooperation model between merchants and supplement manufacturers

Author:pesicon  Release time:2024-03-26 17:20:00

Dietary supplement manufacturing is strictly defined as commissioned production with corresponding qualifications, but people are accustomed to merge the OEM processing business of health products such as traditional Chinese medicine and food, special diet, etc. into the same type of customized processing projects. So, if you want to build your own brand, what are the cooperation models with manufacturers?


For health care product processing, you must first position the project well:

1. Products with herbal tonic: They are also habitually called "TCM tonics" and are ordinary foods. The homologous substances of medicine and food are powdered, or after simple extraction, the powder raw materials are compressed, granulated, pill-made, and filled with tea bags. Its product categories include tablet candies, solid beverages, substitute teas, etc. You only need to apply for a business license and operating permit to find a factory to discuss cooperation. Product dosage forms and packaging are flexible. It is a project type with a low starting threshold among healthy food OEM projects.

2. Special dietary foods: The current mainstream special dietary food processing projects are sports nutrition products, such as taurine tablets, zinc and magnesium tablets, and protein powder. The qualifications required for finding a factory OEM are the same as those for medicinal and food products, but there are many more product testing requirements. Because special dietary foods must comply with corresponding implementation standards for the iconic ingredients and contents in the products, not all formulas can be OEM-produced through this category.

3. Health food with pharmaceutical qualifications: It is used for health food processing projects with exclusive pharmaceutical qualifications. It is a category with a higher threshold among large health product OEMs. There are 24 kinds of claimed effects. However, it would be more difficult to find a factory for processing if you do not have ready-made qualifications. This kind of product adopts the registration production system. You need to bring your own corresponding qualifications to the factory to register and settle. Only after the processing factory obtains the corresponding production approval documents can it carry out entrusted production activities of the corresponding products.

Although herbal tonic products, special diets and health food OEM projects are all habitually called health product OEM projects, their corresponding starting thresholds are quite different. Understanding and positioning the project well in advance will have the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort in subsequent contact with manufacturers for cooperation.

What are the cooperation models for contacting manufacturers for health care product processing?

1. Customized processing of own new products: Submit qualifications and formulas, explain product customization needs > Processing factory provides products and cooperation plans > Factory conducts product sampling and quotation > Confirm samples and prices by yourself > Confirm cooperation intention, conduct on-site factory inspection, Discuss cooperation matters in depth > agree on delivery time > sign contract, pay deposit, and formalize cooperation.

2. OEM production of factory finished products: provide qualifications, request factory finished products as samples for reference > confirm products and prices > design orders, sign a contract and formally cooperate.

The cooperation between dietary supplement processing and manufacturers is mainly the above two models. One thing to note is that for health food product processing, brand qualifications are not required, and do not purchase raw materials for processing by yourself before consulting the factory, because food and dietary supplement OEM manufacturers will strictly classify the supply of raw materials. Installation and formula requirements.

For health care product processing, contact manufacturers for cooperation and be sure to position the product category well. Medicines and foods originate from traditional Chinese medicine, special diets and health food OEMs. The corresponding product testing items and required qualifications are very different. In the process of finding factories to cooperate, there are also OEM customization of new products and OEM of finished products.

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