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How to create your own supplement brand

Author:zhangxia  Release time:2024-05-18 13:22:23

How to create your own supplement brand? The answer to this question covers various aspects including brand positioning, designing nutritional dietary products, selecting manufacturers, and partnerships, especially with factories that offer custom supplement formulation services.


Four steps to create your own supplement brand

1. Understand the positioning of your brand in the market: There are two different operating modes for new brands and brands with a certain market foundation, and their market positioning directly relates to the pricing difference between your nutritional dietary supplements and competing products in the market. A good brand positioning will not only accurately match the product with consumers but also make the selection or product design process clearer when cooperating with factories.

2. Develop a sales plan for your brand supplements: Internet online sales and physical store transactions are two completely different market models, and the competitors faced by supplement products will have certain differences in dosage form, ingredient composition, packaging, and even price. Especially in the way of establishing your own brand image, it will have completely different strategies.

3. Develop a specific plan for product creation: Among capsules, gummies, tablets, and powders, select the appropriate dosage form for your own brand of supplement products and make preliminary designs for product labels and packaging. In addition to this, you also need to make preliminary estimates of the customized processing quantity based on the actual product circulation capacity, the inventory pressure you can bear, and the budget for brand initiation.

4. Find and select a high-quality supplement manufacturer: There are many perspectives to consider when choosing a nutritional supplement manufacturer. The key is to determine where your focus lies. Is it on the product, price, research and development, service, lead time, or the brand value that the factory itself brings to the product? You may prioritize certain aspects or consider all factors. Supplement factories play the role of product producers in the process of creating your own supplement brand.


Three product schemes for creating your own supplement brand

1. Private Label Supplement Manufacturing: The factory specializes in custom processing for your supplements, providing production services exclusively for your company. The elements that can be modified for the product mainly focus on labels, branding, and packaging, and you cannot adjust their efficacy and effects.

2. White Label Supplement Manufacturing: The manufacturing company can supply the same product to multiple retailers simultaneously. You can reflect your own brand by modifying the labels and packaging.

3. Contract Manufacturing: This is one of the most ideal ways to create your own supplement brand. After you have prepared an adequate product plan, you can have the manufacturer design exclusive products for you according to your customization scheme, including targeted designs for ingredient composition, taste, flavor, and packaging style. The products will reflect your own brand. This model is also commonly referred to as "OEM" in China.

The three schemes mentioned above can all address the product-related issues in establishing your own brand of supplements. The specific choice depends on your capabilities in product design and research and development. Contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing require you to have a clear and specific product plan, and the processing factory will provide production services according to your design ideas. On the other hand, with white label supplement manufacturing, you can use the manufacturer's existing mature product schemes as ready-made resources.


Three essential factors that cannot be ignored when creating your own supplement brand

1. Brand Advantage: Having a strong market foundation and influence can broaden the scope of product selection for your brand.

2. Product Advantage: While brand advantage can partially compensate for product deficiencies, selecting products with specific dosage forms and ingredient strengths tailored to specific target groups can make establishing your own supplement brand easier.

3. Factory Advantage: A good reputation, stable delivery times, high standards of product control, and competitive processing costs can provide strong assurance for the product's success in the sales market.


How to create your own supplement brand? You need to conduct brand and product analysis, positioning, and select reputable and capable dietary supplement manufacturers to cooperate with. Utilize the factory's advantages in research and development and production of vitamins, minerals, and other products to enhance the brand's value and ensure a stable supply of goods.

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