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Custom Supplements Manufacturer in China_Shandong Pesicon Holdings Co., Ltd. Introduction

If you have your own nutritional dietary supplement formula, Pesicon can be your preferred supplement contract manufacturer, providing you with professional dosage form R&D, product experimental testing, label design, packaging and manufacturing services, so as to achieve your exclusive personalized product one-stop manufacturing.

As a leading supplement contract manufacturer in China, what are the advantages of Pesicon?

1. We have an independent laboratory supplied with GMP workshop, which can provide rapid product design services, including formulation and dosage R&D, and experiment testing for finished products.

2. We have a professional label design team for nutrition supplement, as well as several packaging processing enterprises as our long-time cooperation partners, which can provide all kinds of packaging materials .

3. We integrate top raw material suppliers in China to ensure stable raw material supply with high-quality and fast delivery.


What are our supplement contract manufacturing services?

1.Manufacturing of nutritional tablets: We can manufacture tablets with its weight from 0.15g to 4g per piece, and with its shape as circular (deep arc or shallow arc) and other special-shaped tablets.

We can manufacture tablets that can take in the following method, such as swallowing, sucking, and chewing.

In addition, we can realize the production of gastric, enteric and film coated tablets.

2.Powder manufacturing: We can provide contract manufacturing services for powder supplements such as probiotic powder, protein powder and fruit and vegetable powder in bags, bottles or barrels made of aluminum foil.

The factory has a number of automatic filling production lines, which can realize the customized processing of rectangular or square aluminum foil bags which can contain 0.45-30g powder per bag, and has a stable production capacity of 100,000 bags/day.

3.Effervescent tablet manufacturing: We have the contract manufacturing capacity of vitamin C and a variety of minerals with various flavors.

And we can provide all the services, including raw material procurement, flavor design, label making and packaging supply, to customize your effervescent tablets with your own brand.

4.Teabag manufacturing: We can manufacture teabags with different kinds of quad gusset tea bags made of three different materials, such as water filter paper, corn fiber and non-woven fabric. Pesicon is especially expertized in the manufacturing of Chinese herbal teabags, which has sufficient own formula.

Pesicon can manufacture Chinese herbal teabag supplement products with its own brand, and can provide one-stop white label product manufacturing services, to provide you with advantageous product solutions quickly.


Our nutritional supplement manufacturing capabilities:

1. Nutritional tablets: 5 million tablets/day.

2. Powder products: 100,000 bags/day.

3. Chinese Herbal Teabags: 100,000 bags/day.

We provide you with nutritional supplement manufacturing solutions:

1. Manufacture of private brand supplements

2. Contract manufacturing of exclusive products

3. Customized processing of personalized products

Pesicon is not only a leading contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements, but also your preferred long-term strategic partner.

We can provide you with high-quality products, using best product development and design, top-class raw material supply and standardized production and quality testing services.

Pesicon can provide you with a very low minimum order quantity.

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Selecting the Right Contract Supplement Manufacturer

Pesicon Holdings is a high-quality contract manufacturing dietary supplement manufacturer. We have a 100,000-level GMP aseptic production workshop. ISO22000 and GMP certification and FDA approval give you more reliable protection. We provide tablets, powders, capsules, and gummies in various dosage forms. The formula you provide is completely confidential and will not be leaked. , you can also find us in the Canton Fair, high-quality products and exciting prices are guaranteed to satisfy you.

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Selecting the right complementary contract manufacturing partner is an important but often overlooked part of the process of creating a new product. Choosing an unreliable manufacturer can have dire consequences for your company's growth. Here's what you can do to help you identify the right suppliers and position your dietary supplement business for success.

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